A Better Sex Life For Married Couples

Married couples can sometimes get into a rut with their sex lives. The day to day grind of everyday life can wear a person down and sometimes make them feel unattractive. However, there are some things you can do to spice up that dull bedroom scene, which we discuss below.

Consider wearing nothing to bed except jewelry. A shimmering set of earrings, pearls highlighting your neckline, some bracelets jangling around your wrists, and you will feel elegant and sexy. Or you might try some new or unusual lingerie like a garter belt, or stockings and high heels.

You might try experimenting with dominance; and not necessarily the whips and chains kind (but that might be your thing too). Instead, if you’re used to your partner taking the initiative and “being in charge” during intimate times, try taking things into your own hands. Give your partner some orders, exercise a little power, but be tender and caring at the same time. This might be just the thing you need to get you out of that “rut.”

One tip that you might not have thought of to spice up the bedroom is to increase your physical activity during the day. This sounds a little backwards, but actually, getting your blood flowing with some good exercise can make you feel better about yourself and give you more energy. This can lead to greater physical activity in the bedroom.

One key change to the standard missionary position can make all the difference to spark up your sex life. To enhance your pleasure while in the missionary position, place one or two pillows under the woman’s pelvis to elevate the vagina. This will change the angle of entry and make the overall experience much more pleasurable.

Another way to increase your sex life is to make is more spontaneous. Try sex in a new place in your house and at various times throughout the day. Sex does not have to be limited to the bedroom in the middle of night. Try some afternoon delight in the kitchen!

Finally, you might try to pamper yourselves with an exclusive night out. Go out on the town to a fancy restaurant. Head over to a great night club for some live music. End the night at an expensive hotel with all the bells and whistles. Nothing will jump-start one’s love life like getting back to that honeymoon feeling.

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